Choosing an Online Quran Teacher

To learn the Quran rightly, a competent Quran teacher should be consulted. Due to the COVID pandemic, it is not advisable to have your kids attend a physical class. This does not mean you should do away with their Quran learning. Online classes have made it possible for kids to learn Quran from any location. There are several Quran teachers online, and this makes it tough to determine which one is the most suitable. Below are some tips to use when choosing an online Quran teacher.

Consider a native Arab teacher. One of the most crucial elements that distinguish a good Quran teacher from the rest is being a native Arab. The Quran was disclosed as well as preserved in Arabic, making it comprehendible to Arabs. As a result, those who yearn to fully understand the entire Quran teachings should learn the Quran in its original language. You need an Arab-speaking teacher to ensure that they pronounce the words rightly in order to maintain their meaning and context. Some of the mistakes are considered a sin.

Keeping the ijazah is another vital point of consideration in selecting an online Quran teacher. In the Quran, an ijazah refers to an approved permit that lets the bearer lecture the Quran. A Quran tutor who has an ijazah is well-trained, scrutinized, and is ready to pass on the knowledge they have to others. Nonetheless, before you settle for an online Quran tutor, you need to find out the ijazah she/she has. An ijazah in Tajweed recitation lets the bearer tutor Quran reading as well as recitation, while an ijazah in Hafiz/Memorization lets the bearer teach memorization of Quran to others.

Make sure the online Quran teacher is experienced. A good Quran tutor should have extensive expertise teaching the Quran. He or she should not only have a rudimentary comprehension of the Quran but a thorough comprehension based on the teachings of the Quran. Unluckily, people are often cheated by deceivers who claim to understand the Quran but have just memorized a few surahs, have a few a hadith, or know a few Arabic words. If you want to study the Quran and be good at it, you will require a scholar as your teacher. Make sure you look at how long a potential online Quran teacher has been around.

You should consider reviews and reputation. Before you enroll in an online Quran class, you need to conduct some background investigation about the teacher. Unluckily, you will find so many Quran teachers on the internet who are not verified. This makes it your responsibility to make sure that anyone you select to tutor you on Quran has an in-depth understanding of Islam and the Quran. One of the finest ways to achieve this is to get information from potential teachers’ past students. Make sure you peruse as several review sites as possible. If people have commented negatively about a specific online Quran teacher, this is a bad sign. For Quran teachers to have a good image, it implies they are thorough and experts in their teaching.

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